We Need More Youth in Zambian Politics

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Tiza Mazuka | Youth Advocate | Zambia

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There are a few reasons why the Chinese government demanded an apology from the mayor of Lusaka, and pressured the Zambian government to cooperate with them.

Recently, China has been strategically providing billions of dollars in loans to Zambia making the latter one of its most prominent debtors.

My research from business risk consultancy suggests that China is actively seeking control of the entire Zambian economy. They’re specifically looking to take mining assets as collateral because they know the Zambian government cannot repay their loans. As we speak, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka is being claimed by the Chinese government.

So, when the mayor of Lusaka verbally attacked the same Chinese lawbreakers in Zambia it was seen as a political insult aimed at China. This is one of the reasons why the mayor was made to apologize at the insistence of China.

Read this article to catch up to the latest news between Chinese firms and the mayor of Lusaka in Zambia.

Our leaders have put themselves in a position where they cannot say no to China. No matter what, officials in the Chinese government would never side with a non-Chinese.

That is why we need more youth in Zambian politics, we need them to rise up and take a stand; unlike our current leaders, we have to say No to unequal deals with our allies that are bad for our economy.

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The problem in our society is that we have left everything concerning politics to the older generations. However, we need youth in Zambian politics – they must realize that politics also plays a huge role in shaping their daily lives. If the youth of today works hard then our children will be able to enjoy use of future clinics, hospitals, and roads.

I hope that by next year, the entire local government will be occupied by youths and that the youth minister be below 35. In fact, I propose that 50% of our next Parliament be occupied by Zambian youths.


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