The Power of Journaling

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Shahane De Silva | Sri Lanka

I must confess that I was a big overthinker. While working, I used to find myself thinking about everything I “needed” to do for the day. Sometimes, I couldn’t drink a glass of water without assessing how “productive” I had been so far. I can’t even imagine the number of times I have asked myself if I’m doing “enough”, whatever that means.

So, like every self-help article ever written, I am here to tell you that journaling changed my life! On a serious note, it didn’t really change it, but it did change my perspective and attitude to the events taking place in it. All clichés aside, journaling can be an unbelievably powerful tool with the potential to reshape your mind.

I got into the habit of journaling through a book called “Who Will Cry When You Die?” by Robin Sharma. I know it’s a morbid title, but I promise it’s an incredibly profound piece of self-help literature that will help you.

Anyway, back to journaling. I started doing it every morning as soon as I got out of bed (I get up pretty early) and as a part of my routine it set the tone for the day. Writing down my daily experiences and the lessons I derived from them made me much wiser when faced with similar circumstances.

More importantly, I became more introspective: I understood my feelings a lot better, therefore restoring a relationship I didn’t know I was having problems with – my relationship with myself. Now, don’t get me wrong. I was already a happy and optimistic person, but I did have a bad record of being too hard on myself. Journaling gave me the room needed for personal growth and improved my self-awareness. I stopped being so hard on myself and as a result I became more patient not only with me but with others, thus improving both relationships.

Most of us are unhappy because we react to whatever life throws at us. We aren’t living the life we want to live. We have a glorified version of ourselves we aspire to be, but how do we become that person when all we do is react? How can we be happy when we feel like we aren’t making any progress in becoming that person?

Journaling is the habit that bridges the gap between the people we are now and the people we want to be. It allows us to become clearer thinkers and helps us live with more intention. It pushes us to live in the present: to stop worrying about the next task on our to-do list, thus we begin to enjoy each second and focus on the moment instead of what’s to come.

Key takeaway: journaling can help you look at things in a much more positive light. Journaling reshaped my perspectives and so my happiness grew.

“Happiness is not a place you reach but a state you create” Robin Sharma

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