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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Everyday, a 1000 stories go untold.

A 1000 papers written for university classes get deleted and a 1000 ideas go unnoticed. This is our effort to prevent the “what if”s and “what could’ve been”s of the world. This is our vision to express the thoughts on the tips of our tongues.

Sharing ideas comes with many negative associations:

1. Criticism, a fear of which has shut many doors.

2. Effort, not worth putting it into something which “no one” will see.

3. Self, thinking that your ideas will not make a difference.

The Zeitgeist is a path to overcome these barriers.

We want to get your idea out into the world, all you need to do is send it to us. We realised that many people are afraid to post or do not want the attention associated with sharing personal content. To solve this, we have an anonymous option, thereby removing any barriers to sharing potentially illuminating ideas.

This is a publisher of which we are all content creators. This is a compilation of a generation’s thoughts, ideas and expressions. All you need to do… is create!

Why would the world care at all?

The youngest among us has a wider and more equal access to education than any previous generation. This makes our ideas more solid, established by learning, and nurtured by the lessons of history.

The Zeitgeist allows these minds to speak for themselves in a shared international community of young people. What else could be more beneficial to the world than to have the thoughts of the future leaders expressed in such a way?

The Zeitgeist shares your story on an international platform. This way, more and better ideas leave your head to face reality, helping you to articulate your thoughts and build your confidence.

Why not give it a try?

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