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Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Tarish Rajakarier | Canada

I love reading. Along with this passion comes the desire to express what I have learned and became aware of. I have started blogs anonymously. I have kept poems to myself and I have thoughts hidden from people who might benefit from them.

<Enter The Zeitgeist>

At this early stage, I won’t claim to have cracked the code to a successful publisher, but here are the lessons I learnt and used to build this model. An executive once told me that problem-solution analysis is something that makes you stand out at an interview. That is what I did.

The problems I identified:

  1. Publishers fail because they cannot produce content consistently enough, why?

  2. People don’t have enough time to devote to just writing when they have to study and work a 9 to 5 job.

  3. Having to think of something to write about everyday is too much effort.

  4. People don’t out-put their thoughts, why?

  5. Many people are afraid of what society might say or think of them if they publicize their expression.

  6. Many people want to post under an anonymous name but it makes promoting your content much harder.

  7. People think it is not worthwhile to share ideas/ put effort into sharing.

The solutions that The Zeitgeist provides:

1. A Team of writers making a small, low effort, commitment of 2 articles a month.

This provides enough content to keep the publisher flowing. We send out weekly emails to stimulate thoughts on topics and engage in a discussion with the writers who have made this commitment of passion to us.

The editors look over all the articles, edit, and format them into the pieces of art posted – reducing the effort required by individual writers.

The flow generated through consistency allows individual writers to submit their posts and still bank off the readers and success of the blog.

Essentially this is a platform for everyone of our generation: More posts = more success for everyone. Positioned as international students at a global university, we have reached a global audience and aspire to reach every corner of the world.

2. We allow you to post anonymously or under a pseudonym (or with your actual name for credit). This to ensure everyone would be comfortable sharing their ideas.

You don’t need an account. It’s easy and accessible to everyone. I hope this shows that every idea has value and should be shared for society to benefit.

3. Call David because I needed someone with equal passion and mindset to help me run this blog to success. Thank you my friend!

I think the media is the most powerful industry and tool today. Politicians use it to gain votes, commoners use it to become celebrities and the needy should use it to show and change their situation. Hence, marketing has become the most valuable skill an individual can have. Our mission is people, and we want to market their stories to ensure they get the attention they deserve.

So tell me your stories. About poverty and oppression or about love and science. Tell me how you feel, what you want and why the world is. I want to share it with the world, and then maybe… we can progress.

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