Solving 2020 Problems

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Tarish Rajakarier | Canada

The BLM movement and the campaign against police brutality in America has recently become a global cause. It is on the road to success as it has gained the attention of celebrities and people across the world. Movements like this have never had a better chance to succeed. With the media empires and the power they have over society, utilizing them properly could finally lead to progress.

The situation made me wonder, if Police Brutality x Racism has been rampant in America for decades, why wasn’t it solved earlier? The Black Civil Rights Movement, with all its prominent leaders, as well as other successful movements have had a few things in common, some of which we see today. The momentum created over the past few weeks is inspiring and deserves great admiration.

So how do you solve a problem in the 21st century? Play the media.

1. Large gathering

You need a following of people large enough to look big on camera. People from the opposing party on your side- extra media bonus points!

Gather the crowd by creating awareness and sharing stories. Make it a crowd that cannot easily be shut down by the opposition. A crowd that is noticeable. A crowd that has a passion and an understanding of what they seek. A crowd that turns into a movement.

2. Actions deserving of media attention

Small scale actions might get you in the local newspaper, but if you really want to make it big, make the actions something people would stop for and watch on TV. Social media won’t be enough – the people in power, needed to make the change, probably watch the news and read the paper. This is also where the criticism and rebuttal will begin. Don’t be disheartened and don’t lose sight of your objective.

3. Keep changing the actions so that the world doesn’t habituate to your consistent routine and get bored of you.

If people hear the same sound for too long, they habituate to it and effectively stop detecting the sound. Switch it up: vary the volumes and vary the actions – constant variety will keep the media agencies interested. This could explain why some issues have been ongoing for decades. When one thing stops working, you must move to the next. You need to be salient in people’s minds. You need to appeal to the target audience and make sure they understand what you deserve.

4. Hopefully, someone with money and power will notice you and do something.

Anticlimactic, I know. You realize that you don’t have the money or resources to keep the momentum or gain the extra outreach that you need. You realize that not enough people are taking it seriously. In an oppressed regime, having someone important who cannot be silenced is as important as the message you carry. Sure, you can make a name for yourself too (as many people have had to), but this would sure help things speed up.

The media is a business, you just need to know how to use it to your advantage. Every successful movement has done it. From newspapers to Instagram – presence is everything. Most surveyed protesters claimed that the main reason on joining a protest was because someone asked them to. If you want to make an impact, you need to start with asking people to follow you.

I hope everyone continues to support this movement till it reaches its goal. I also hope it motivates people to open their eyes to similar events happening every day in Africa, The Middle East, and East and South Asia. If every movement had this kind of global support from people of all walks of life, along with celebrities and prominent organizations – then truly, we are at the best time to make progress.

People can be silenced. A generation cannot.

Let me know if I’ve overstated or overlooked any key factors in the comments.


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