Iran: What is Happening & what we can do.

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In this week’s blog, I want to talk about something that is very special and close to home for me. Coming from an Iranian nationality, I want to talk about what is happening in Iran.

On June 24th, three innocent men were sentenced to death for conducting peaceful protests in Iran. They were protesting against the rise of gas prices, which for us, is a basic practice of freedom of speech. We often take this for granted, because many countries, just like Iran, still do not have that right. In Iran, whoever opposes the government can be arrested and executed. Because of this, three men will be executed for peacefully protesting against rising gas prices.

Say their names.

Amirhossein Moradi

Saeed Tamjidi

Mohammad Rajabi

The execution has not been carried out yet but is expected momentarily. Although this is horrific news, it is sadly not the first time this has happened in Iran.


Two weeks ago, two Kurdish men were wrongfully accused of a crime, and executed. Sadly, the death penalty in Iran has been going on for decades. “Last year, 251 people faced capital punishment.”

You may think it can’t get any worse, but execution is not the only thing Iranian citizens have to put up with;

They are also forced to follow the government’s religion- Islam. Women are forced to wear hijabs and are not allowed to show skin in public. It makes me so sad seeing people in Iran being forced to follow these rules in fear of the government.

Stepping aside, now I want to talk about what we can do to help. Since Iranian citizens cannot speak out against these injustices due to fear of the government’s cruel punishments – it is our duty to help them escape the brutality of their current government. This isn’t a matter of politics, but a matter of basic human rights and justice.

Through international outrage there is a greater likelihood for change.

I honestly could go on for days about this crisis, but I’ll stop here. If you want to look more into this, I will be posting and reposting many articles/posts about this topic on my Instagram! Make sure to go follow it if you haven’t already @_genznonprofit. I’m so exited to talk about different topics of crisis going on in the world on my blogs. I decided to start with the Iran crisis to honor my heritage. Thank you to everyone who has read this far and I look forward to writing more!

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