His Angel – Chapter 5

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Ranudi Gunawardena | Sri Lanka

Darling Jade,

My beloved angel, I swear with all the life left in my body, darling, this is not goodbye. This is only a see you again. I want you to know, even though we won’t be talking for the next three years, there’s nothing on God’s green earth that could make me forget you, every blessed second I spent in your heavenly company. I love you. From the moment I confessed my feelings to you, till this very minute my love for you has only grown, my angel. I love you and I promise with all my heart to continue loving you.

I remember you once told me, your arms around my neck, your breath hot on my face, that I have to choose- it’s either God or you, that I can’t have both as you can’t bear the idea of having to spend a lifetime with a man devoted to worshipping an invisible God, rather than accepting nature’s simple rules of simply being a good soul with a giving heart, full of kindness and love. I remember you telling me with glistening eyes, that you can’t bear the idea of a God who kills infants of hunger, promising them heaven after death. “I’d rather believe in no God than in a heartless one”, you said.

My angel, I know what you mean. I’m a Muslim, I’m supposed to live under the shade of Allah, praising him, worshipping him. But darling, I’ve made my choice. It’s you. It’s you, in you there’s all the goodness I hoped to see in God.

I’m begging you, give me some time. I need to figure myself out, to grow into the man you want me to become. I promise, my darling, I will work things out. I will come back for you, successful and mature, as a man who can give you all the love and comfort you deserve.

I’ve found the reason behind my existence. It’s you, my darling. It will always be you. All I ask of you is to wait for me, my angel. Believe in me the way I do in you. I promise you, my darling, I will fight for us even if I’m the only one left fighting. I will come back for you, my angel. I will. Till then, always keep in mind, I love you. I love you. I love you.

Yours and yours only,



She puts the letter back inside the journal where it belongs with wet eyes and a runny nose.

“His Angel” is a seven-chapter story. Click here to read Chapter 4.


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