Go Vegan, Save the World

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Anonymous | Sri Lanka

The most effective step that you can take today to protect this planet, is to go vegan.

Throughout evolution, humans have done more harm than good to the planet they call home. We were primarily supposed to be a small part of nature but today we have created a world that is entirely dominated by man’s needs; this will bring on our own doom and the end of planet Earth.

There are many organizations and environmentalists out there, all highlighting different types of problems and arguing about which problem should be addressed first. However, when simply put, we are all fighting for the same cause: saving our planet from ourselves. So, we are the reason why Earth faces massive destruction and we will also be among those suffering the consequences.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits is animal agriculture. The purpose of animal agriculture is to meet our demand for meat-inclusive diets. A single hamburger requires 660 gallons of water in production.

In total, animal agriculture produces over 51% of greenhouse gas emissions and it wastes resources like land and water that can be better used to help decrease world hunger

Not only is the consumption of meat, fish, and dairy deemed unhealthy and proven ineffective in meeting the nutritional requirements of an average human, but it is also unethical as it kills the planet’s life source.

a UN study that links meat consumption to the global warming of today, and promotes a vegan diet.

We can extend Earth’s lifespan only once society understands the impact of animal agriculture. It is contradictory how there is so much science backing our knowledge of this ongoing crisis, but we continually choose to turn a blind eye and keep the problem hidden.

The most practical solution to help Mother Earth is to go vegan. Your diet can save the planet. Think twice before you give in to your temporary cravings as those temporary cravings will result in permanent, and irreversible mass destruction.

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