Finding Meaning in Uncertain Times

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Shahryar Khan | Canada

It’s the month of June now and the Coronavirus surges on all over the world, I can remember the last day of school March 13th 2020, this was the last ‘normal’ day after which quarantine in Toronto began. There were so many questions everyone had on their minds, so many questions that we still do not have an answer for. When will all this end? We all still wonder.

The best thing about this quarantine is that I had so much time to introspect and think about every aspect of my life. There was more than enough to be upset about, all the events being cancelled, not being able to see family and friends, even something as simple as not being able to go to the gym, etc. I thought to myself that there must be some meaning to this worldwide situation, there must be something that I can learn from this and become better as a person.

I have always believed that life is too big and too short, too short because we literally never know when will be our last day, and too big because there is so much to experience and so much to learn in life that we cant waste our life sweating the little things.

What I learned from this quarantine is that, you never know when life can turn upside down and everything you know can completely change in a heartbeat, in which case we should strive to have a mindset where we focus on what we can control and let go of the things that are not in our control.

To me the whole purpose and meaning of this quarantine was to teach me gratitude.

Everyday since the quarantine began, I wake up feeling gratitude for everything I had and everything that I still have. Things like my family and friends, the freedom to meet new people and connect with them (pre-quarantine), going to the beach with friends, still being able to workout now etc.

This strong feeling of gratitude, that has cultivated in me, has given me a renewed zest for life.

I decided to make the most of the free time that I have, I have engaged myself in working out daily, reading new books, watching movies, teaching myself programming, baking with my roommates, doing UberEATS and having Nerf gun fights in my house!

To be very honest, the quarantine has turned out to be a much more productive period in my life than I had ever thought. At the same time, it has been surprisingly fun!


It has indeed been an experience, something I thought I would never experience.  I am glad to have experienced this quarantine because experiences are what we live for and what we live by, they are what we look forward to and what we reflect on. They are what shape us and showcase us. Some experiences we choose and some we do not, however we learn from them all. As human “beings” we are meant to “be”, and we be through our experiences. I want to have as many experiences as possible so I can express myself to my full potential and then share everything in service of others. On my deathbed, I would want to be able to answer the following 3 questions with a sense of gratitude and fulfillment:

Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter? 

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