A Voting Guide for the Upcoming Elections in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Anonymous | Sri Lanka

With the Parliamentary Election in Sri Lanka approaching soon, I think it is important for us as a generation to decide on what our future should hold and vote accordingly.

Many of us are now of voting age and it is time to take change into our own hands and ensure we vote right. Please make your own informed decisions about this; do not vote based on what you have ‘heard’ or have been told. With the internet at our fingertips we can make an informed decision if we try.

Realise that your political affiliations can be biased through the influence of family and media. Especially in Sri Lanka, you should not base your decisions over things you watch on local channels as they all have their own agendas. With a simple Google search you can find detailed information about what each party and candidate has been doing off the face of local media, before voting for them.

Read about how algorithms on social media can make you more narrow-minded and less likely to change your (political) opinion.

You think violence is only part of our history?

Search and see how many people have been killed and abused by armed forces in the last few weeks. Race is not something our generation should be considering when talking about anything – marriage, politics, friends etc. We should know by now that we are all Sri Lankans, all Humans. If you have even a little inclination to say “but” to this, CHECK YOURSELF please.

This whole concept of the ‘other’ is wrong in a country like ours because this motherland belongs to all of us. It is as much the land of a Galle-born person as it is of a Jaffna-born person.

Utilise the internet to actually research each candidate and party before voting.

We already have a government which has become increasingly more authoritarian with its nepotistic practices in appointing family members and former military officials to positions of power over those who are deserving. You argue that they served their country, yet what qualification does that give them to run a country?

Military and politics are unfortunately conflated too often in this small island.

The media may portray the popular politician as advocating for women’s rights, equality and security. A small Google search may show you that in fact they have been commenting on Twitter telling women to go be married and have children instead of working – if you don’t know who this refers to then search it up. The media will showcase how someone is so well awarded with military medals, a Google search will show you the extrajudicial killings that were mandated by so and so. Advocating for employment? Google will reveal the corruption charges (and proof) which some of you still refuse to believe.


  1. Bodu Bala Sena which is actively endorsed by certain politicians has made statements of discrimination, superiority and threatened to instigate “rivers of blood” in the North and East. If you’re a follower of Buddhism, then you should know that this statement is probably the polar opposite of what Lord Buddha would have taught. 

  2. Armed forces in the North and East have committed many abuses against women and assaulted men, leaving some dead as well. The militarization of these areas is justified by the government as being necessary to prevent uprisings from terrorist supporters.

  3. This is just a tactic being used to create fear of the ‘other’ and gain support from the majority populations. This whole concept of the ‘other’ is wrong in a country like ours because this motherland belongs to all of us. It is as much the land of a Galle-born person as it is of a Jaffna-born person.

  4. The religion we are brought up with and the race which we are born into is not something that should give one of us more right to live in this country than the other. 

We need to be voting for a government that doesn’t enforce a task force to silence people who speak out against them (a recent policy, Google it). We need a government that will acknowledge that its past representatives committed crimes and acted unethically – there is no question about the racist statements of the past – they were/are wrong. To move forward we need to acknowledge all as one, sing the national anthem in our own languages and practice our own beliefs.

Vote for a government that doesn’t have corruption charges against them, that doesn’t have human rights violations over their heads, that did not use their political power to rid themselves of judicial action and dampen opposition voices. Vote for a government that doesn’t need your race on your birth certificate. Vote for a government which will use their power to help the people in poverty and develop the war torn areas of the country.

Stop teaching us that the ancient Tamil kings were evil and that all Sinhalese kings were martyrs. Stop hiding the history of why a 26-year-war started and why it continued.

By oppressing people, you are only creating more tension which may erupt on both sides. If we can finally accept each other and live together with the same treatment then there will be no need for people to rebel. As a GenZ you should know that we cannot oppress a person just because of their skin color, language or belief.

Voting is one of the most powerful ways we can instigate a change as a generation. Use your vote, be informed about your vote. Search up and learn about the election in Sri Lanka, so when the time comes for you to be voting you are prepared.

Make sure you know the policies and outcomes so that we remain a true democracy and not an authoritarian monarchy claiming to be a democracy.

~ A Sri Lankan who loves his country.


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