Tarish Rajakarier is a fourth-year Psychology specialist with a minor in Environment and Behaviour at the University of Toronto. With a vision for a better future and a generation that is understanding, supportive, and informed - Tarish founded this project to make a positive impact in the world. Tarish also leads our business development, management, outreach, and marketing, hoping to effcectively bring his psychology knowledge to them.




Radheesh Ameresekere is a third-year Philosophy specialist at the University of Toronto. Radheesh regularly contributes pieces on culture, society, and politics through a philosophical lens. Pursuing careers in academia and publishing, the movement of ideas is a reoccurring motif of the various projects he is involved in. Alongside his editorial writing, Radheesh is the Editor-in-Chief at The Zeitgeist. Outside of publishing, he is involved with education and mental health advocacy.


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Mellisa Ing is a second-year major at the University of Toronto pursuing a major in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies and a double minor in Bioethics and Philosophy. She hopes to raise awareness and report on current political and social issues that impact the lives of Canadians. Aside from writing, Mellisa campaigns for political parties, is an avid participant in Moot and Mock Trial and is an advocate for mental health awareness. She hopes to pursue a career in law and expand the viewership of the Zeitgeist.



Aryan Bargriz Farshi is a third-year Kinesiology and Health Science student at York University. He is interested in topics relating to health and well-being, and technological advancements in medicine and dentistry. His goal is to work as a healthcare professional and contribute to improving the public health in my community. He is also passionate about reading, writing, and expanding his knowledge on diverse topics.



Erin Hsue is an incoming third-year student at McMaster University pursuing a degree in Honours Biology and a minor in English & Cultural Studies. Aside from her studies, she loves to journal, shoot film, thrift, and caring for her houseplants. Her career aspirations lie in forensics, microbiology, and scientific writing. Additionally a staff writer at HerCampusMedia, she hopes to spark awareness and change in her articles. Erin is also an Editor at The Zeitgeist.

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Gloria Zhou is currently going into her third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in Criminology & Cognitive Science. As someone with diverse interests, she enjoys reading and writing about music, society and culture, criminal justice, and psychology. Gloria is also an Editor at The Zeitgeist.

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 Rukaiya Aliasgar is from a little island called Sri Lanka. While currently studying for a Bachelor's in Business Management, her interests lie within the broad spectrum of writing and literature. Whilst exercising this passion, she looks forward to expressing her thoughts and knowledge on current and social events occurring all over the world, with a progressive South Asian focus.



Talar Sarmazian is going into her second-year of study at the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in History and Political Science. She hopes to bring awareness to various social issues that impact people around the world through her work and advocacy. Her main focus is the political and humanitarian issues in Armenia and Artsakh, impacting her community. Aside from her advocacy, she enjoys reading, listening to music and playing the piano, and photography.



Braxton Rayan is a recent graduate of Radio and Television at Seneca College. From Sri Lanka, currently based in Toronto, Braxton's writing mainly covers the intersection of media, politics, and technology with a focus on racial and social justice issues. In these increasingly polarized times, he is committed to being a voice of reason. Braxton's objective is to provide insightful, introspective analysis on the issues we face every day and exploring ways to make a real difference in the world.

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Kyle Abeysinghe is a Sri Lankan-American freelance writer currently working in New York City. His passion for writing stems both from an aspiration to be a novelist, and a desire to shed light on important issues relating to mental health, politics, religion, science, and culture. He is particularly interested in bringing awareness and understanding to mental health illnesses, and highlighting the consequences of ignoring them. Outside of his advocacy, Kyle enjoys learning about various topics, is a film enthusiast, avid reader, and a member of the Sri Lankan national swimming team.

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Aishlin Armstrong is a second year student majoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science at the University of Toronto. She is involved in the Canadian Politics Society, the Women’s Association, the Pre-Law Society, the Volunteer Note Taking Program, the Legal Literacy Club, the United Nations Society, and University College Orientation. She plans on attending Law school and becoming an environmental attorney. Aishlin feels passionate about public policy, environmental injustices, sustainable procurement, and hopes to ignite a similar passion in those who read her articles on the Zeitgeist.